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Speak to our Customer Service Centre on 0800 666 391 (if overseas, please call +61 2 9696 9299). Operating hours are Monday-Friday 7am – 7pm; Saturday 7am – 5pm and Sunday 9am-5pm (AEST).

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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I place an order online?

    Using the currency converter: To place an order on use the currency converter tool located at the side of the home page. Simply select the currency type, the amount you need, the product and click ‘Buy Cash’ or 'Buy Travelex Money Card' to enter into the checkout.

  • Can I specify the currency denominations I would like in my order?

    Unfortunately you are unable to specify denominations as part of your order. Orders are typically packed as mixed, which means that you will receive a mixture of high and low denominations dependant on the availability of the currency you are ordering.

  • Are there restrictions on the amount of currency I can bring into a country?

    Some countries impose restrictions on the import/export of local and foreign currencies. You should seek advice from an official government website for the country you may be visiting before placing your order.

  • How long can I place an order in advance of collection?
    Payment method for Online Travel Money Airport pick up Non-airport pick up
    Visa or MasterCard debit/credit card Order may be made 1 Business Day - 21 Store Business Days* in advance of the collection date Order may be made 3 Business Days - 21 Store Business Days* in advance of the collection date
    Bill Payment Orders may be made 3 Business Days -21 Store Business Days* in advance of the collection date Orders may be made 5 Business Days - 21 Store Business Days* in advance of the collection date

    *Store Business Days means the days that the selected collection store is open for business.
  • How much foreign currency can I purchase or how much can I load on a Travelex Money Card?

    All orders are subject to a minimum basket value of NZ$250 and a maximum aggregate value of NZ$5,000 over a 24 hour period (and maximum aggregate value of NZ$20,000 over a rolling 21 day period).

  • How many Travelex Money Cards can I order?

    A customer can only hold one Travelex Money Card (TMC card) and linked secondary TMC card at any time. You cannot order a Travelex Money Card via this website if you hold a Travelex Money Card or have previously ordered a Travelex Money Card.

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